We have seen the race for the development in IoT (Internet of Things) like  smart cities through recent partnerships like Sino-UK  with China and Vodafone with Phillips.

They know the world is getting even more interconnected by way of the Internet of Things which promises to add intelligence to everything from commonplace consumer items such as lighting to industrial items such as machinery.  As customer experience is an important aspect of the digital economy including vulnerability to threats and while its exciting times for this leap in development.  I cant help but feel a smart city environment at present needs a more secure communication channel with a device authentication to track other interacting devices.  Why, because a request for establishing a secure channel  as it stands is also transmitted through a shared unreliable wireless medium leaving it open for cloning of smart devices or other threats like bringing a network down. With security and trust for cloud computing increased and the smart and intelligent behaviour of such devices within the networks enabled and with more research into the systems, this should allow for a more efficient and integrated part of the future of the internet.  The future is on our door step and even more exciting are the benefits the IoT will have for the lighting industry.