With the new EC legislation coming into play in September with it's main aim of removing directional halogen lamps from the marketplace.  The residential LED lighting market will soon get a major boost from an influx of new customers and interest in energy saving lamps.

Perhaps more exciting is the fact that residential LED lighting offers designers greater flexibility, with the need for easy access for bulb replacement but  due to the ever increasing lifetime of LED lamps this seems redundant.  This in turn this could lead to some very interesting shapes and designs being seen more commonly in our homes of the future, and that cannot be a bad thing!

When you add in the recent developments of lighting technology, such as dimming via Bluetooth and smartphone apps, and with residential lighting set to get a lot more interesting long gone are the days of 'standard' light bulbs and plain light shades. 

Definitely one for Phi to keep our eyes on over the next year or two.