It is still quite unsurprising that these sorts of numbers and experiences are reported.

Whilst my 1980’s velvet jacket looks good (I think) in the modern world, the same is not true of lighting.

A short walk around the main halls of the world’s recent, sector preeminent Frankfurt Lighting Exhibition demonstrates the herd pursuit of  efficacy  over comfort. Motor vehicle manufacture inspired lighting, with max luminous efficacy, works on transient ‘moment contact’ roads but is hardly a strategy to long term occupation, high visual acuity tasks like those undertaken in workspaces. Controls mitigate to a point but high direct ratio illumination solutions take us back to the ‘dim’ and miserable 80’s. Lighting for people is not necessarily led by lighting for engineering standards.

Careful consideration of an occupant orientated need is not led by car headlamps but smart and knowledgeable understanding of the environment and a flexible application of light to the ‘need’.