While it's been known for quite a while that blue light from TV's, computers and smartphones is bad for our circadian rhythm and makes it harder for us to fall asleep at night, this research is the first to show it's effect on metabolism.

The research suggests that the blue wavelengths found in these devices can directly cause us to put on weight and cause instability in the bodies' ability to regulate glucose. 

In a previous post, I discussed the new feature on iPad's and iPhone's which allows a low blue light mode to be enabled, which has seen thousands of people report they are get to sleep quicker, and have a better quality sleep - but with ever increasing evidence of a direct link between blue light and various health problems, it surely cannot be long until companies begin to find constant display alternatives? 

It would also be interesting to see if architects are paying attention to this research and adapting their schemes in residential builds to ensure tenants quality of sleep & overall health are taken into account, not just the aesthetics and price of a fitting.