LI-FI is going to be big, retailers will make it so. With the touch of your phone, this technology will help you find the shop you want to shop in whilst helping you navigate your way around the store to find the goods you might need.  

Several sectors will reap the benefits, like tourism around larger cities directing you to the galleries and historical sites, giving you up to date information on transport and travel issues.

Technology moving forward is fantastic but things need to be safe, secure and nonintrusive to the user.

There is a divide with hacking, the Pentagon can get hacked but companies claim LIFI is more secure.

The question to ask ourselves is, do you really want people to know your location whilst you are leaving your home unoccupied. As a country some years ago, ID cards were deemed intrusive and I guess this technology can be compared to using check-in apps of your location on social media sites like Facebook. 

Big Brother is watching you. (for younger readers this is a reference to George Orwell not Channel 4)

It will be interesting to see where will this take us next.