With LED at the forefront of most lighting design in buildings, people keep asking to push the boundaries further regarding outputs, aesthetics and performance.

LED still has its limits regarding size, output and use with board sizes being fixed, like fluorescent tubes. Yes, one could use tape but the performance is not as good or manufacturer of boards. The standard sizes are 560mm, 280mm and 140mm with the marketing now getting a 1120mm version, but these are still set sizes.

We often get asked for a luminaire that may be 750mm in length with performance criteria set. We suggest the closest alternative but there is a need to educate the people requesting these items.

Beautiful slimmer and shallower luminaires are being designed for stunning buildings that are able to light spaces efficiently while problems with recommended UGR requirements, circular and odd shape layouts show issues with uniformity.

The question is do we start looking at the regulatory constraints or do we stop innovating with our designs?