A crowd gathered in the street for the unveiling of “The Restless Course” a new public timepiece designed by Pritchard Themis took on the evening of 26th July.

The stunning clock at just over two meters in diameter occupies a prominent location at the junction of Clifton Street and Scrutton Street in London’s fashionable Shoreditch.

The Harbour Foundation, a London-based charitable organisation, commissioned the unique piece. Pritchard Themis developed a number of striking designs and introduced Octant to the project to turn their concept into reality. 

The clock fascia is constructed from 4mm thick stainless steel that has had a peened finish.  Sitting proud of the fascia are 60 number raised “hands” or cleats constructed from 8mm thick stainless steel that have been brushed in a random fashion. The hands are backlit from behind by sixty number linear RGB units that are individually controlled. Pritchard Themis developed a programme and showfile with the assistance of Maria Jenkins from Experience Lighting and a Pharos LPC1 unit provides the control.

The result is not only a beautiful piece of “public light art”, but provides the people of London with an accurate time of day, 24 hours a day and 7 days per week. 

During the day, illuminating the relevant hour and minute “hands” in white light, with a continuous second-hand sweep also in white, provides the time.  At dusk, the programme changes to a more colourful output with both a coloured backlit halo and white minute and hour hands across a coloured fascia.

A new plaque sits just below the clock engraved with the words “the restless course that time doth run with calm and silent foot” which is a quotation from Dr Faustus by Christopher Marlowe.

The timepiece has already generated a great deal of interest, smiles and positive comments from passers-by and long may this continue.